Chocolate is a great way to cheer up yourself or somebody else. And if you chose Fair Trade chocolate, it can also make the world a better place for other people.

The Fair Trade seal can be found on a range of products from flowers to clothing to food items, but chocolate and coffee are probably the most common. The Fair Trade certification makes sure that farmers and workers are fairly paid, and get a fair share of the benefits of international trade.

There are several organizations certifying Fair Trade, and “Fairtrade International” is one of the largest. Fairtrade describe themselves as an alternative approach to conventional trade and is based on a partnership between producers and consumers. When farmers can sell on Fairtrade terms, it provides them with a better deal and improved terms of trade. This allows them the opportunity to improve their lives and plan for their future. Fairtrade offers consumers a powerful way to reduce poverty through their every day shopping. You can read more about Fairtrade International here. You can also learn more about fair trade at Wikipedia.

Fair Trade certifications have been around since the 1980s, but are becoming increasingly popular. I found 54 (!) different chocolate bars with fair trade certifications just in my local grocery store . I am quite sure you will find one that you like next time you are grocery shopping.

Make your chocolate matter – choose fair trade!

These are some of the most common fair trade labels.

P.S. Looking for a low-sugar alternative? Lily’s chocolate (in the center of the animation below) is sweetened with stevia and erythritol and contains less than 1 gram of sugar per serving.

P.P.S. It it worth mentioning that the fair trade label doesn’t necessary mean that 100 % of the ingredients are fair trade certified. Information about the percentage certified ingredients can often be found on the back side. The higher the percentage, the more good your chocolate will do. However, no matter the percentage, your choice of a fair trade labeled product sends an important signal to the manufacturers that you care.