We all love cookies, and now you can make your own KillaJoule cookies!

The cookie cutter comes in two varieties: with imprint and without imprint. Which you prefer is all about your personal preference. There are also cutters for the sidecar platform and sidecar wheel so you can make it a 3D dimensional cookie, if you like.

Download the 3D-printable files for free from Thingiverse.com here.

You will find my grandmother’s recipe for the gingerbread cookies here.

P.S. If I can find the time and energy, I will also post the cookie container on Thingiverse, but I cannot promise it right now. The cookie container is actually just a solid block and I use the features in the slicer software to make it a nice box, and it will take some time to write up those instructions. If you absolutely would like to file and understand how to turn a solid block into a box, send me an email and I will send you the files and some brief instructions.