What if you could combine the fun of 3D printing with delicious cookies? Well, there are good news, you can by 3D printing cookie cutters!

3D printing is the easiest way to create cookie cutters. The traditional way of making a cookie cutters from a strip of steel takes a lot of skill. With a 3D printer is easy breezy. If  you are skilled in CAD you can quickly create your own designs. If you are not skilled in CAD or don’t want to spend the time, you can download designs from several websites such as Thingiverse.com. Just search for “cookie cutter” and you will get over 3,000 hits.

I fell in love with several cookie cutters, and downloaded DNA, a dinosaur and the Space Shuttle. I printed the cookie cutter in PLA (Poly Lactic Acid), which is a biodegradable plastic made from corn. It is one of the cheapest 3D printer filament types, and I like that it is biobased. The red filament used for the dinosaur cutters is of the brand Polymaker, and was a free product sample that I received from IT Works 3D in Loveland, Colorado. This particular filament printed very well and I would definitely recommend it.

mini-pb286085But enough about filament, the cookies are the most important! My favorite cookies are gingerbread, so that’s what I made. My favorite recipe is my grandma Carla’s recipe, and you can download it here.

The Triceratops dinosaur cookie cutter is created by Thingiverse user “Isolt” and can be found here. The Space Shuttle by “animus” can be downloaded here and the DNA by “Frump” is found here. All three of these cookie cutters are licensed under Creative Commons and can be downloaded for free.



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